Hudson Valley drivers were doing a double take on Tuesday when they noticed something new on a local building.

This incredible mural of an eagle seemed to pop up overnight on the back of a building in the City of Poughkeepsie. The mural is even more breathtaking in person, towering over people as they pass by during the day.

Here's what the same building looked like in the beginning of the week:

Google Maps
Google Maps

We reached out to the public arts commission of Poughkeepsie to find out the story behind this mural but were unable to get an immediate answer. Some say the work of art may be a part of this weekend's O+ Festival in Poughkeepsie. There are some mural paintings that are planned to take place on Main Street.

Regardless of the reason, the mural is spectacular and something you should definitely check out the next time you're in town.

To view the eagle, just take Market Street to Cannon Street. The eagle is visible from the public parking lot on the left right next to Wood Lane.

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