Have you been able to go more than an hour without hearing someone mentioning skyrocketing gas prices? Me neither. Dutchess County was already the first Hudson Valley county to propose a lower gas tax, but cheaper fuel could be coming in another way too.

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What's the Deal?

Plenty of big box stores have been offering discounted gas for years. When I lived in St. Louis, Costco was my go-to money-saver. Now that I live back home in the Hudson Valley, I'm a BJ's member at their Newburgh location. There has always been a brisk business at their pumps, but after gas recently soared well over $4/gallon (again), the line at the pumps almost reached back to 17K. They are now proposing something new: a BJ's gas station physically separate from an existing store.

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What's Coming to Wappingers Falls, NY

While there's already a BJ's location off Route 9 in Wappingers Falls, a new proposal would add an "offsite" gas station. The physical BJ's store is located at 1404 Route 9, but the station would be located at 1146 Route 9, in Wappingers Falls. From the application filed with the town of Wappinger:

There will be no convenience store or retail component associated with this facility, the facility will only sell fuel to club members, as well as club memberships to prospective members.

Though called an "offsite" facility, the application states that the station will be associated with the nearby physical BJ's location.


Impact of Construction

Also in the application is a proposal to combine and enlarge the existing wetlands in the area by a quarter-acre. The solution is suggested to counteract the encroachment on the "buffer area" that would occur with construction.

Relief for High Gas Prices

As mentioned, Dutchess County has already proposed a cap on the county's gas tax, and Ulster County recently followed suit as well. As of publishing, the BJ's gas station in Newburgh is selling gas 24 cents per gallon cheaper than the New York State average, according to AAA.

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