One of the largest (and chunkiest) timber rattlesnakes in the north east was recently found in Orange County, NY. While even venomous snakes aren't uncommon in the Hudson Valley, finding one this massive size is rare.

Timber Rattlesnakes in the Hudson Valley, NY

"On the white trail on Schunnemunk going toward the megalith" began a post from Mike Trotta in the Hiking the Hudson Valley and Beyond Facebook group. "About 38"... it owned the trail... so we just turned around... my first encounter... exciting", he continued. One thing he didn't mention in the caption, though, was just how girthy this nope rope was.

Mike Trotta
Mike Trotta

Large Rattle Snake in Orange County, NY

"Great Photos! Looks like he ate a good size rabbit or squirrel and washed it down with some Chianti", joked one commenter. "Gorgeous specimen. Sure eats well!", observed another. While still more comments rolled in commending Mr. Trotta for "doing the right thing" in turning around and leaving the thicc danger noodle undisturbed, it left many others wondering where this reptile landed on the size spectrum. Let's investigate.

Danielle DeBellis/Mike Trotta via Facebook
Danielle DeBellis/Mike Trotta via Facebook

Biggest Snakes in the Hudson Valley

In another recent post, Danielle DeBellis came across this rather long rattler (above left), when she was exploring Fahnestock state park. While the photos may be from different angles and distances, it does seem like that the Fahenstock long boi may be "taller", but it's definitely not wider. My money is on Mike Trotta's snek (above right) if you compared them on a scale. Incredibly, the New York record length for a timber rattlesnake is SIXTY INCHES according to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, so in some ways, both of these snakes are actually petite.

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As a reminder, both of these hikers behaved respectfully and carefully when they spotted the rattlers, and you should too. Trotta turned around, and DeBellis waited for 30 minutes at a safe distance until the snake decided to move along. Easily identify potentially venomous snakes you see in the Hudson Valley here, and keep scrolling to see a fantastic creature recently spotted in NY.

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