There are many phone numbers that you just "know" what they do. One of those numbers is 9-1-1. You just know that is the phone number that you call when there is an emergency and you need help, immediately.

Over the last year, we have shared with you when to call 2-1-1, 5-1-1, and 8-1-1, in New York State. Feel free to read those articles after this one. You never know when you might need to actually use one of those helpful numbers. 

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So, when do you dial 3-1-1 in New York State? Is it available where ever you travel?


While 3-1-1 is a number that you can just dial when you need it, what happens when you actually dial it? First, the number is not available in each and every municipality across the state, but most larger towns have it.

When calling 3-1-1, you will get a person who will be able to direct your call to a helpful resource. For instance, you can get more local community information and make reports that might be helpful to other neighbors. For instance, you can call this number and let them know about illegally parked cars, noise complaints and other issues. Think of this as a 'citizens report number.'

How can you find out if your municipality or town has 3-1-1?

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Call your town hall, and ask them. Technology has also greatly improved since this service has begun, and your municipality might have switched to asking you to report these issues online.

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