Hometown bars can be the hub of the town for some people. It's where folks can get together after work to unwind. The hometown bar is where everyone can meet up at for a reunion, especially around holidays and special occasions. The hometown bar can serve as a home away from home for many people as they want to celebrate life and leave their worries behind. Plus, just as they would say on Cheers, "You wanna go where everybody knows your name.

The Best Hudson Valley Hometown Bars, Ranked by Listeners

Over the weekend, I asked folks what they felt was their favorite hometown bar in the Hudson Valley. People really have a passion for their favorite hometown bar because the response was great! Some folks got nostalgic, like for Junior's Lounge in Poughkeepsie, which we lost last year in a freak accident. Before we get to the main list, I want to shout out some honorable mentions!

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Another bar that was mentioned was The Elbow Room; however, I wasn't able to find a place called The Elbow Room that stuck out. I Found Sandy's Elbow Room in Schenectady, Ed's Elbow Room in the city, Cliff's Elbow Room in Long Island, and even Elbow Room Recording Studio in Saugerties. I'm not sure which Elbow Room was meant in the comment, but here you go!

Below, I have the list of hometown bars that were shown a lot of love. These restaurants popped up in the comment sections, in the story questions, and in the inbox a lot! Remember, this list is subjective, this is comprised on the responses that we got from listeners over the weekend. There are many amazing establishments in the area, and if you know of one that hasn't been mentioned anywhere in this article, let us know! Write into us on the app!

7 Best Hudson Valley Hometown Bars As Rated By Listeners

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