Here's how you can help out a local man who was brutally beaten, kidnapped and robbed.

Rockin' 4 Ryan is set for Sunday Oct. 9 at the Chance. On Oct. of 2014 three man kidnapped Ryan from his driveway, beaten, choked, tied up, and stuffed into his car. Ryan and his car were both used by the three men to rob the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union in Hyde Park.

During his two hour abduction, Ryan was choked, hogged tied, had a gun pointed to his head and bleach poured on his face. It's believed the bleach was poured on him in an apparent attempt to blind Ryan. After the bank robbery, the three men stole $30,000 in photography equipment from Ryan's car.

In the below video Ryan's mother told Hudson Valley Post about this awful situation, how the community has helped, and how you can help.

The mastermind to the robbery and abduction, William McKinney of Maryland but has ties to the local area, was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

All the proceeds for the Rockin 4 Ryan event is going to the Mental Health America of Dutchess County. MHA will be assisting Ryan with the financial burden due to the loss of his equipment during the crime.

For more information and the event and to purchase tickets check out

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