The things you find lying around in public places. It's not too unusual to find the occasional old shirt, hat, or shoe discarded in some random area. We've all probably found the abandoned face mask, carelessly strewn upon some spot where you're about to walk over the past year. Heck, sometimes you'll even find entire pieces of furniture dropped on the side of the road. But finding a lost hair piece of any sort kind of takes things to a whole other level. It also raises quite a lot of questions.

The attached picture was sent to us by a listener, who said they stumbled upon the hair extension chilling outside of Target in Newburgh. We are still uncertain to how it ended up so casually left behind in a crumpled mess like this. Maybe someone upgraded and no longer needed it? Was there an altercation of some sort, and the owner had it ripped off of their head? A strong gust of wind perhaps sent it sailing? It is indeed a mystery that's left us wondering.

If you or someone you know lost their extensions recently, then we might have found it. Chances are, you probably don't want it back though because it's been lying in a parking lot for an unknown number of days. But if you do, please contact us.

In other news this week, a New York man has been charged with DWI after driving through a chain link fence and on to an elementary school field. Luckily, no kids were hurt. Also, did you know the Town of Carmel has some really strange laws?

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