A group of adoptable dogs with a harrowing backstory will be heading to the Hudson Valley and will be up for adoption in August.

At the beginning of July a story broke that made national headlines that had pet lovers heartbroken. About 4,000 beagles were saved from a breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia according to Associated Press. The facility, Envigo RMS, would breed beagles for scientific research.

Today reports:

Further inspections by the USDA found that the facility had committed various violations, including euthanizing beagles without administering anesthesia, providing the dogs with inadequate medical care as well as insufficient air conditioning, and housing the animals in unclean conditions.

On July 5th, the AP wrote that hundreds of dogs in "acute distress" had already been seized from the facility. Now, around 4,000 dogs who were found in terrible conditions including no beds, unclean conditions and insufficient amounts of food are looking for homes.

Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County will receive a handful of the rescued pups. The Wappingers Falls animal rescue wrote on their Facebook page:

We are excited to announce that we will be receiving some of the Beagles from this horrible breeding facility. We're not supposed to say how many but it's more than 10. We have no idea what age or shape they will be in when they arrive mid-August.

CARE of DC adds that these dogs have never "been outside or felt a touch from a person that loved them." They are currently looking for foster families and families who are looking to adopt.

If you're interested in adding an adorable beagle to your family, you can fill out an adoption application at CAREofDC.org.

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