Eagle's nests are a beautiful sight all across the Hudson Valley. Usually built near a water source, these homes perched high in the air are used year after year by the same eagle family. Our national bird also adds to their structure annually, meaning that some older nests can become absolutely massive.

Bald Eagles in the Hudson Valley, NY

"Stick season: Bald eagle edition", began a recent post from the New York State Department of Conservation (NYS DEC). The accompanying video (below) shows a pair of feathered predators making home improvements to their nest in the sky. But just how large can they get?

Wait, Eagle Nests are HOW Big?

As it turns out, eagles can construct nests that could even house a full-grown human. From the NYS DEC:

A bald eagle nest is a large structure [which is] reused and added to each year, often becoming eight or more feet deep, six feet across, and weighing hundreds of pounds.

For context, those are dimensions larger than most full-sized La-Z-Boy chairs. Check out the photo for scale below.

Field of Poppies Photography via Canva
Field of Poppies Photography via Canva

But How Big are Bald Eagles?

While most nests we see aren't as big as a king-sized mattress, it shouldn't be that surprising, since eagles themselves are pretty huge. While they're only just over two feet tall when perched, their wingspan can reach up to seven feet. Luckily, these behemoth nests gives them space to spread their feathers.

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