This looks like one cool axe place. See what I did there. Take a peek inside the new tavern that just opened up in Newburgh.

The days of throwing darts are pretty much behind us these days. The people have spoken. They want to chuck a huge chunk of wood and steel down a corridor at a target. They want to hang out with friends and enjoy some spirits while their doing it too. It's like enjoying one of the coolest parts of the renaissance fair all year long. Axe throwing has become an extremely popular sport over the past few years. How popular is it? Have you ever heard of the NATF? That stands for the National Axe Throwing Federation. The sport even has it's own league.

The art of axe throwing has been around for hundreds of years but it is becoming more and more mainstream.

As of two years ago there were hundreds of venues that have axe throwing. The Hudson Valley just got a brand new one on Union Street in Newburgh, New York. Saxon Hall officially opened their doors to the public on January 22. Saxon Hall is a unique tavern in a state of the art facility that offers local and national beer, wine and cider as well as axe throwing with a twist. Their axes are thrown at projector screens instead of wood. This allows participants to play cool interactive games like tic-tac-toe or even fight off zombie hoards.

They even host private events like birthdays and bachelor parties.

Check out Saxon Hall in Newburgh. Here's a little preview.

Peek Inside Newburgh's Newest Axe Throwing Tavern

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