For those of you who were shut out of the spooky good fun in July, you are in luck for August. Boos and Brews are now on the calendar for another month. July's tours sold out and August may too so don't wait to get your tickets. These entertainingly haunted walking tours of local history also include stories of mystery and the unexplained that have been well attended for a few years now.

It's really a simple evening. You meet up with an organized group, get your brew, and you are off on a walking tour of one of America's oldest neighborhoods that just happens to be in New Paltz, New York.

These events are scheduled for every Friday in August. The August tours meet at the DuBois Fort Visitor Center a half hour earlier than they did in July so be ready to go at  7 PM.

Historic Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY

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Event tickets include two complimentary beverages and your tour which usually concludes around 9:00 PM. Hard cider and Craft Beer are served with the non-alcoholic choices of Bottled Water or Sweet Cider. Some of the topics discussed may not be suitable for children. Anyone under 13 must be with a parent. The tour leads you down the streets as your guide shares tales of myths and real-life terrifying events.

Haunted Walking Tours of New York

There is no need to wait until October to enjoy a good ghost story in the Hudson Valley. We are known for our haunted tales. Sleepy Hollow's Headless Horseman, and The Blair Witch Project are both world-famous stories of Hudson Valley Hauntings. We have buildings, historic places, and centuries-old cemeteries that all have a spooky tale or two to tell.

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One of the Hudson Valley's most historic places embraces its legends and tales and shares them with you in an entertaining way. Historic Huguenot Street is ready to share its haunted history with you this August with another round of Boos and Brews.

Other Places that are Haunted in New York

25 Haunted Places to Visit in New York

Are you looking for a thrill? Mandatory stay at home orders and government shutdowns have forced us all into a dull and predictable routine. New York has a rich history of thrilling crimes and horrible hauntings. These spaces are outdoors or big enough to allow for safe social distancing practices.  Go outside and live your own “American Horror Story”. You never know what you might find, or what might find you!  

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