Will New York fully reopen soon? A neighboring state just announced plans to phase out all remaining COVID-related restrictions.

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On Monday, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced plans to phase out all remaining COVID-related business restrictions in Connecticut.

On May 1, the business curfew is being pushed back to midnight, outdoor restrictions are being lifted and with alcohol sales without food will be allowed with no table size limit.

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On May 19, all remaining business restrictions are ended, although indoor masking will continue, Lamont added.

Phasing out COVID-related business restrictions is subject to a low transmission of COVID and improvements in vaccination rates. Connecticut has given out the second most vaccines administered capita in the nation.

“On May 1, there’s going to be a little more outside fun, which I appreciate as long as we’re careful and on May 19, we’re back to our new normal," Lamont said.

Gov. Lamont announced that over the coming weeks he plans to further ease some of the restrictions on certain sectors that were put into effect at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

Effective May 1, 2021:

  • Bars that do not serve food can open for service on an outdoor-only basis. These establishments will still be prohibited from serving only alcohol indoors.
  • The 8-person per table limit will be lifted for outdoors only. This limit will remain in effect for indoor service.
  • The curfew for restaurants, entertainment venues, recreation venues, and theaters will be moved back an hour to midnight.

Effective May 19, 2021:

  • Contingent upon sufficiently low rates of infections and increasing vaccination rates, all remaining business restrictions will be lifted. The Department of Public Health will issue recommendations for indoor and other large outdoor events, such as concerts, as well as clarify where masking will continue after May 19.

This week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued more COVID-relation restriction rollbacks. Bars and restaurants can stay open later while other businesses can increase capacity. A complete list is below.

There is currently no timeline for when New York will phase out all remaining COVID-related restrictions. However, in the past, New York and Connecticut have worked together when it comes to issuing COVID rules.

So, Cuomo may be pressured to follow Connecticut's timeline. Cuomo has said as the spread of COVID-19 slows, the state will be able to open up more.

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