Well...ARE THEY!?

As if McDonald's french fries couldn't get any better, it seems like they're about to. According to Delish, McDonald's is toying with the idea of adding bacon cheese fries to their menu. They've been testing the product since 2017.

Apparently, cheesy bacon fries, another rendition of the bacon cheese fries, are sold in some McDonald's in Hawaii and northern parts of California. They call it a regional item, not a test item. But Delish reports that soon the whole nation might have access to the loaded fries by next year.

The fries are exactly what they sound like: french fries coated with bacon and cheese. Sounds like McDonald's way to compete with Wendy's Baconator fries if you ask me.

No word when the fries will be available in 2019, but hopefully soon. If they're looking for taste testers, I'll gladly take the position.

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