Multiple bars and restaurants in the Hudson Valley have had their liquor license suspended for violating COVID-19 restrictions.

According to a press release from Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, 16 more bars and restaurants in New York State have had their liquor license suspended. Seven of the 16 were in New York City, the rest were in Albany, Dutchess, Nassau, Oneida, Ontario, and Suffolk County. The total number of liquor licenses suspended in New York State during the COVID-19 pandemic is 217.

Here in the Hudson Valley, three businesses have had their liquor license suspended. Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse, Craft 302, and Blue Bar & Grill all had their license suspended. Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse and Craft 302 are located in Dutchess County. Mahoney's was cited for not requiring customers to have food while drinking, dancing to live DJ music, not wearing facial coverings, and ignoring social distancing. Craft 302 was cited for eight employees inside the premises without facial coverings and for customers drinking without food. Now, another business in Dutchess County has had its license suspended. Quartchetti's Roadside Café in Fishkill had its liquor license suspended on September 26, 2020.

According to the press release, there was a band playing under a tent with roughly 50 customers present. There were 30 people without a mask when they were standing and mingling. One inside bartender and three outdoor bartenders did not have a mask on. Quartchetti's Roadside Café just had its liquor license issued in August 2020. Businesses found in violation of COVID-19 regulations face fines up to $10,000 per violation, while serious violations can result in the immediate suspension of a bar or restaurant's liquor license.

In response to the new suspensions, Governor Cuomo said, "With the start of flu season upon us, colleges and schools opening, and localized coronavirus clusters in the state, we cannot take any chances - and we must continue to enforce the rules that helped us beat back this deadly virus."

The full suspension order from Governor Cumo's office reads:

On September 25th, SLA investigators found a band playing under a tent with approximately fifty patrons present, including at least thirty who were standing and mingling without facial coverings and ten who were dancing.  Investigators observed a bartender inside the premises without a facial covering, in addition to three bartenders at an outside bar who were also not wearing facial coverings.  Quartchetti's Roadside Café liquor license had just been issued on August 27, 2020.

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