Let's hope the Hudson Valley is next!

A few weeks back we heard the awful story about a woman from the Catskills, who was arrested for allegedly trying to decapitate a dog with a sword. Pauline Waldron not only tried to decapitate her dog with a sword, she also stabbed the dog several times.

An awful story like that has resulted in a big change to the process people must follow to obtain a pet in Greene County, New York. According to News 10, new legislation has been passed that will make sure that pets are being put in good, safe homes.

The animal abuse registry is something that should help in making sure that no pet is ever put in a home that has someone in it that has been convicted of abusing any animal. Greene County Sheriff, Pete Kusminky told News 10 that, "The animal abuse registry was developed and passed last week in the county legislature in an effort to help prevent people who abuse animals from being able to obtain animals in the future."

Anyone who is convicted of abusing an animal will have their name added to the abuse registry for everyone to see. So if someone tries to adopt or purchase a pet, the seller or adoption agency can check the registry to make sure they are not on it. The new legislation will not only prevent putting animals in the wrong hands, Sheriff Kusminsky said, "It will also prevent them from volunteering at a pet seller’s establishment or a place that deals with animals."

Let's hope that as Greene County adopts this registry, every area in the Hudson Valley eventually has something like this available for everyone to use moving forward.

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