The American Girl Doll 'Girl of The Year' for 2019 has been chosen. You may be asking yourself why that is such a big deal, well it turns out that she is from right here in the Hudson Valley.

American Girl announced Thursday, January 3,  that Blaire Wilson is the Girl of The Year. According to the American Girl website, Blaire  "teaches girls that real-world interactions are the best kind of social media."

American Girl

Like every American Girl Doll, Blaire comes with a book. In the first chapter is establishes that Blaire lives on Pleasant View Farm, in the Hudson Valley. It goes on to mention the Ulster County Fair and other staples here in the Hudson Valley.

Of course American Girl does their research, one of their expert panelist Lindsey Lusher Shute, lives in the Hudson Valley. Shute is the Co-Owner of Hearty Roots Community Farm. She tells the site that Blaire's experience on the farm is important because "Farmers are out to change the country by growing great food, taking care of the soils and water, and daring to compete.”

Dutchess County Government posted on Facebook on Thursday explaining that Pleasant View Farm is a real farm located in Dutchess County in Millerton.

Google Maps

Blaire is available for purchase along with her books and runs at $115. Additionally you can purchase her family's Pleasant View Farm for $300.