New York has quite a reputation as a place to drive in, and it's not always good. That commute to work can be a real grind. Especially with the road conditions, distance, and so many horrible drivers who you have to wonder how they even have a license? But is it really that bad? According to another driving study, not so much. There are places much worse to drive in, according to this data. Interesting.

WalletHub threw together another study, using a bunch of factors. such as; road quality, rush hour congestion and average gas prices. Where does New York rank? According to WalletHub, we are 19th. That's an eleven point jump from last year's study, so apparently, things are getting a bit better. Is it necessarily great? No, but we'll take what we can get.

WalletHub says New York ranked well in the “Safety” and “Access to Vehicles & Maintenance” ,and "Most Auto-Repair Shops per Capita”categories". of course, we were ead last when it came to “Highest Auto Maintenance Cost”, so while we have plenty of auto shops, it'll probably coast you.

How about neighboring states? Not looking as good as the Empire State, according to this data. Pennsylvania came in 33rd, Massachusetts 35th, Connecticut 40th, and New Jersey 43rd. Iowa was overall number 1, and Hawaii dead last.

Additionally, State Farm's recent study found that you only have about a 1 in 130 of hitting a deer or other animal on the roads in New York. That was a much lower occurrence than a number of other states. We also rank as one of the best states for teen drivers. 

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