So the winter weather has arrived and the Farmer's Almanac says to prepare for a very could 2020-2021 winter. Every year there is a possibility it could be colder than the previous year.

What have you already done to help get your house set for winter? Do you plan differently if you think that it is going to be colder than the previous year? Do you have propane heat? Here are a few things that you might want to do now, to prevent any issues during the cold weather, from

  • Order your propane now. Get your tank filled in advance of the bad weather.
    Install & Use a programmable thermostat. It's one thing to have this type of thermostat, but take a few minutes and learn how to use it.
  • Take advantage of sunlight and when the suns out, open your curtains to take advantage of solar gain.
  • From the New York Propane Gas Association, one of their most often suggested tips to propane customers before a cold weather snap is to make sure a 'qualified propane service technician inspect and service your propane system; then ask your propane dealer if there’s anything you should do to ensure that your appliances are running as safely and efficiently as possible.'

Do you have propane heat? Are there any tips that you would like to share with others to keep them and their families warm this winter? Can you share the reason that you went with propane heat? Was it already in place when you moved in? Did you add it to your home? What are the advantages that we might not know about? What are the disadvantages?

5 Essential Items For Winter

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