Every year it's the same thing, these scammers just won't quit.

There's always going to be somebody out there that wants to get their hands on your hard earned money.

Law enforcement in Putnam County are currently investigating a variety of telephone scams in our area; notably unsolicited telephone callers are impersonating Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees demanding cash payments for unpaid taxes via prepaid debit cards, money orders, or wire transfers from their banks.

Another scam, is where the caller is calling on behalf of someone else, like a grandchild or other relative, who is allegedly in danger or trouble. This scam involves an immediate request for cash for bail, or medical, etc.

If you receive one of these calls, remain calm, and remember that the IRS will usually will not contact by phone, usually they will by mail. The IRS also will not request payment prepaid debit card, a money order or wire a transfer. The IRS also will not ask for a credit card number over the telephone.

The IRS suggests that if you believe you owe taxes, to contact the IRS at 800-829-1040.

If you suspect such fraud, contact your local police department.

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