We have all seen enough horror films to know what a typical haunted house looks like on the inside and for that matter on the outside. But what about your house could it be haunted?

Some people are convinced that their house is haunted some even have proof. but what about those of us who are on the maybe square? How can you determine if your house is haunted? There are many different sources on the internet that you could use to determine if you are sharing your home with a ghost but are they true?

Take A Quiz to See if Your House is Haunted

There are so many people who are tempted to find out if their house is haunted that Quizondo.com and buzzfeed.com both offer a quiz that you can take online. I am not quite sure what taking the quiz would prove. It's not like after you answer the question the ghost in your house will appear but it might be something fun to take as a novelty.

Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell

The house I currently live in I believe has spirits present. I don't say my house is haunted because that sounds like a negative and I believe that the ghost I share my house with is actually the lovely couple that built it and live in it all their adult lives. So I prefer to say my house has ghosts.

How to Tell if You Are Living With a Ghost

When I first moved in I knew that the woman who had lived there before me was hanging around not to scare me but to welcome me to the house. She still spends time in the kitchen and the garden. Her husband hangs around whenever we are having work done. He has also alerted us to things that need to be fixed before they turned into huge expenses.

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So how do you know if you have a ghost living with you? Well, you can check off the usual list. But first, you need the "feeling" and by that I mean you have to ask yourself if you sense something, if you say yes then take a look at the checklist. And yes many things on the list can be explained away that's why you first need to have the "feeling"

Signs Your House May Have a Ghost

You have probably heard of most of these things that determine if you have a ghost living with you but number seven is the one that proves it for me.

Old domestic kitchen of an apartment, vintage refrigerator

 1 - Doors and Cabinets Open on Their Own - this is pretty simple. If you have a cabinet or a door that won't stay closed it could be a sign you are living with a ghost.

2 - Air Moves when Windows and Doors are Closed - A sure sign you have a ghost roomie is when air moves for no reason.

3 - Things Go Missing then Reappear - If you have a cat this one might be hard to detect but if you are constantly losing things you know you just had then they reappear where you already looked you could have a mischievous ghost.

4 - The Temperature Changes in Rooms - If you have rooms with cold spots that come and go you can be pretty sure you aren't ever alone in your house.

5 - Noises - some old houses just make noise but there are some noises that leave you wondering what you just heard. Those are the sounds that say you have a ghost.

6 - Something in the Shadows - Many times I have seen something out of the corner of my eye and when I turn to look I realize there is nothing there but was there?

Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

7 - Pets avoid a Space - This is the true sign in my opinion that you are living with a ghost. If your pets refuse to go into a part of your house or they constantly stare into an empty room as if they are watching something. This to me is the most obvious sign that you are living with a spirit.

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