On my many adventures throughout the Hudson Valley, I have come across cute little towns that I never even heard of. You can totally relate to those moments of wondering where the location of something is. I never realized how large the Hudson Valley is until I googled these towns when I came across them. My sister and I enjoy going on adventures locally and look at the historical landmarks, signs, and sights. Here are a few towns that I came across and never heard of before.


Anything that is above Kingston, I have not heard too much about. Even though I attended college in Oswego, I sometimes don’t know where places are in the Hudson Valley. A few summers back, I went to the Rail Explorers located in Phoenicia and got that ah ha moment of where I was. Located in Ulster County, Phoenicia is the home to all thing’s nature related, some of the best kayaking spots are here. The Empire State Railway Museum is here as well.

Marble town

This was one of those places that I asked my sister, “Where are we?”. With the unfamiliar names, it seems that we could have almost stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone. This town was settled in 1669. Folks lived in log style like homes during this time. If you’re looking to check out this historic little town, its located in Ulster County in between the Catskills and Shawangunk Mountains. There’s a neat O&W Rail Trail and the Marble town Park.


While on a few backroads going to Kingston, I came across this town called Olive. Have you ever heard of it before? Olive is located within the Catskill Mountains and was founded in the 1800’s. It is said that the theory behind this town stemmed from the story from the Bible with Noah and his ark. The olive branch association was also related to the Ashokan Reservoir in which it splits into two, from north and south.

Have you ever been to the Ashokan Reservoir? It is truly stunning, especially in the summer.


When I was trying to find a hiking trail near Kerhonkson, I came across this town. I do believe that at the time I was lost, which wasn’t a bad thing. It made me interested to learn about a new town in the Hudson Valley. Coxsackie was settled in 1652 and was later established in 1772. It was until the late 1700’s that Coxsackie was officially founded. The name comes from a Native American term which had several different spellings. Some say that this name relates to owls and geese nearby.

Sleepy Hollow

My sister wanted to go to the Great Jack-o Lantern Blaze and mentioned a town called Sleepy Hollow. I was under the impression that this town only existed in movies. I didn’t realize that we had our very own Sleep Hollow in the Hudson Valley. Located in Tarrytown, this town is known as “the legacy of Sleepy Hollow” which took Irving by surprise and interest. It was once known as North Tarrytown in the late 1800’s and granted its name of Sleepy Hollow in 1996.


Have you heard of these towns? Which ones are new to you? Share with us below.

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