So, you are contemplating getting your taxes done early and want to gather all of your W-2's, your 1099's, your interest statements, and your receipts (among other things), then maybe you are ready to get started.

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The says that for 2021, there is one thing that will keep you from actually getting your taxes completed, the filing start date. So you can do your taxes with your software at home, or through your tax professional, but there is one thing that will stop you in your tracks from actually completing your annual tax paperwork. The one thing? The filing start date. That is the first day that you can actually hit send, on the electronic filling or the IRS submission. Yes, you can go through the steps, you can fill out the papers, you can get everything ready, but you can't actually submit it until Friday, February 12, 2021.

The other two items that the IRS likes to make sure that you do the following two things to make sure you get your refund sooner:

  • File your return electronically
  • Get your refund via direct deposit.

In addition to the above two tidbits, you may wish to be aware of the following additional dates regarding the 2021 filing season:

  • Friday, February 12. IRS begins 2021 tax season. Individual tax returns start being accepted and processing begins.
  • Thursday, April 15. Due date for filing 2020 tax returns or requesting extension of time to file.
  • Thursday, April 15. Due date for paying 2020 tax owed to avoid owing interest and penalties.
  • Friday, October 15. Due date to file for those requesting an extension on their 2020 tax returns.

Do you anticipate getting a refund this year? Or do you think that you will be paying?

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