HBO is filming in the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region and hey need extras. Here are few easy steps on how to sign up.

Are you an actor or an actress who's anxiously waiting to make your big or small screen debut? Maybe you're just looking for a cool experience to throw on your resume. Either way you don't need to go all the way to California to do it these days.

The Hudson Valley and the Capital Region of our state have recently become a hot spot for Hollywood. Locations in both regions will soon be used for filming a new HBO series starring Woody Harrelson. The series is called The White House Plumbers and is based on true events around President Nixon's Watergate scandal.

The project is looking for extras who live near the areas used for filming.

I can't guarantee you'll get the gig but you won't get it if you don't apply. You can register by following these easy steps.

4 Easy Steps to Sign Up to Be an HBO Extra in the Hudson Valley

Follow these steps to sign up to be an extra on an HBO production.

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