Over two dozen Hudson Valley towns had mind-blowing heat index numbers this week. Just how hot was it where you are?

It's been a rollercoaster of weather here in the Hudson Valley over the past few months. After an unseasonable heat wave struck the region in early spring, cold weather settled in throughout much of the transition to summer. The addition of dangerous air quality conditions due to the Canadian wildfires made staying indoors a necessity for at least a few days. Coupled with lots of rain, June was a disappointment for outdoor activities throughout the Hudson Valley.

July has decided to change all of that, as temperatures skyrocketed over the past week. In fact, the world experienced its hottest day ever recorded on July 4. Those who live in the Hudson Valley can attest to just how warm it's been over the past few days, with the mercury topping off in the 90s and heat index numbers in the triple digits.

The National Weather Service says that a heat index of 95 to 104 is considered potentially unhealthy for New York State residents. A heat advisory will be issued if the index levels are expected to rise to this level. An index above 105 will trigger an excessive heat advisory.  Here in the Hudson Valley we just missed that threshold with index numbers topping out at 104.


Which were the hottest spots in the Hudson Valley?

Scroll down to the gallery below to see exactly how hot it was in your neighborhood on Thursday when the heat index topped out at 104 in some communities.

Hudson Valley Heat Index Rankings For July 6, 2023

The Hudson Valley saw some oppressive heat on Thursday, July 6. The following towns all recorded extreme heat index values during the afternoon hours ranging from 98 to 104 degrees.

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