It has always bothered me when I hear a story about a crime, or suspected crime when a body is found and the victim or individual is unidentified. The police have no idea who he or she is and when no one comes forward, I've always wondered what happens to these cases.

Today, I found out. They are put on a list with the New York State Police where they're listed under Unidentified Persons. Individuals on this list are there because the New York State Police believe or suspect that the cause of death is a homicide. While some of these cases are quite old, one going back to 1969, others are a bit newer but still unsolved.

Some have specific information that could help someone identify them, like the male found in Cornwall in 2001 with a very distinctive dragon tattoo, while other cases such as one where only a skull, believed to be that of a female, was found in Hunter in 2002 don't give police much to go on.

There's got to be some friends or family who is wondering where someone is, or maybe there's someone who remembers a night when something they saw or heard just didn't seem right. Either way, here's the list of the unidentified persons from the New York State Police, they are listed under the county in which they were found.

If you have any information that may help solve a crime or bring closure to a family, please use the contact information in each file to call the NY State Police.

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