Just when you thought the fast food chains couldn't get any weirder, here comes McDonald's with it's latest creation. Some may say however that this latest menu item is more an abomination, if anything. The good thing is that it was only available one day this week, and it isn't available anywhere near the Hudson Valley. For now, that is.

CNN is reporting that McDonald's China has released a Spam and Oreo cookie burger, that is sure to make your stomach turn. The company's website announced this nasty ass piece of crap as "tender and juicy," "full of meatiness" and with "a hint of sweet aftertaste" that amounts to "an unimaginable double surprise.". It's basically spam, crumpled up Oreo cookies, and McDonald's secret sauce.

CNN says that this special limited-edition burger was only available for McDonald's China's members only club, so you actually had to sign up somewhere to eat this s***. But according to the company's communications manager in China, the burgers (or whatever you want to call them) were a hit.

We had a total of 400,000 Oreo luncheon meat burgers, available at about 3,700 branches across China -- each branch had a limited supply. The burgers were sold out by noon in some branches.

Guess different cultures sometimes have different taste when it comes to fast food? For a McDonald's speciality item a little more familiar and closer to home, the McRib returned to McDonald's across the U.S. December 2. The pork (?) sandwich has appeared on and off at select restaurants since the early 1980s. May say it was the right time to bring back the hugely popular item, considering how hard many fast food chains have been hit since the Coronavirus outbreak. You'll notice many fast food chains adjusting their menus, by adding certain specials, while taking other things away with little reason why.

Will the Spam and Oreos burger ever make it's way across the Pacific and land somewhere near the Hudson Valley? Who knows? But as long as people love to punish themselves sometimes, there's always the possibility.

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