If you've ever gone to an ATM and done this, I don't like you.

A harsh thing to say? I don't even care. As a person who frequents the ATM, I have picked up on everyone's bad habits. There is one habit that really just grinds my gears. Let me set the scene for you. You pull up to the ATM. You put your card in, start your transaction. You see a car start approaching the ATM. They're next in line.

Now, the person behind you can do one of two things. They can wait behind at a normal distance, or get right up behind you. If you get right up behind me at the ATM, I don't like you. GET AWAY. I want you back at least 10 feet.

What's the need for tailgating me as we're stopped at an ATM? Why do you need to be this close? I hate it. Get away from me.

Do you do this? If so, what's your reasoning? Comment below or on our Facebook to let me know.

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