A District Judge from New York was killed in Florida Friday, when officials say a driver drove up on to a sidewalk and struck the 75 year-old. The woman behind the wheel had an even more bizarre explanation for police. According to CBS NY, the 23 year-old suspect claims that she is Harry Potter. Now, this wannabe wizard is facing multiple charges, including vehicular homicide.

Sandra Feuerstein was visiting Florida when the tragic crash took place. According to Eastern District website. was appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush in 2003, after 16 years as a New York state judge. Her life was sadly cut short after the careless  actions of an individual who should have never been behind the wheel this particular day.

Witnesses say the driver (who ironically has the last name of Snape, another major character from the books from the movies and books), was seen driving erratically, in and out of traffic before the fatal accident. After hitting Feuerstein, the driver then hit a 6 year old boy on a crosswalk, according to court records. And as if this person hadn't made enough bad choices, Snape then fled from police only to finally crash her vehicle in Delray Beach. An officer said the woman was having convulsions, though was able to get out of the car after the crash.

That's when matters turned even stranger, as police say the woman fought with paramedics in the ambulance, while screaming up and down that she was Hogwarts most famous wizard. Unfortunately for "Harry",, she apparently forgot to cast a spell that could have made her stash of bath salts disappear into thin air. Yes, authorities said they indeed found the synthetic drug in the woman's purse.

CBS says the woman remains jailed on $60,000 bond.

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