I just heard something on the news that made me actually say “oh no” out loud. I just caught the tail end of the report, but the anchor was talking about the price of bacon. All pork, actually, but bacon is the big one that even vegetarians have a hard time staying away from. Anyway, they said the price of pork is going to go up even more than it already has.

So, what’s the deal? It seems there is a California law going into effect in early 2022 that is going to make it harder to keep as many pigs. The new law says that each pig has to have at least 24 square feet of space. And you can’t keep them in those stalls anymore. So, it’s much better for the pigs and I’m all about being more kind to animals even if they are being raised for food.

Then I thought to myself, why would a law that is only going into effect in one state going to have an impact on those of us here in New York? I figured the only way to get to the bottom of this is to go online and google the whole thing.

Here’s the good news. According to CNN, the new law will probably only cost each California resident about 8 dollars more per year. And in states outside of California, the impact will be even less. It looks as if the new California law isn’t going to hurt the Hudson Valley too much, but even if it did, 8 dollars a year is a small price to pay to give a pig a better life for as long as he’s here. 

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