Why has a multi-million dollar private jet belonging to Donald Trump been junked at Stewart Airport?

Like a beat-up sports car sitting on blocks in front of that creepy house in your neighborhood,  Donald Trump's once pristine private jet is now decomposing right before our eyes.

In a move that has baffled aviation experts, Donald Trump's gold plated 737 has been sitting at Stewart Airport in Newburgh since Inauguration Day 2017 when Trump took office. According to CNN, the plane could have been sent to a warm dry climate where it would have been protected from the elements, but instead has sat for the past four years in the Hudson Valley.

Snow, rain and cold weather all wreak havoc on airplanes. It's unusual to park them in harsh climates for extended periods of time, especially when they could easily be flown to a warm, dry area of the country for storage.

Sadly, it looks like Trump's private jet is no longer airworthy. It's been recently spotted sitting at the Newburgh airport with a broken engine and missing parts. And it doesn't appear like it will be moving any time soon.  The cost to fix the once pristine plane is estimated to be in the upper six figures.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Tours U.S. Border In Texas
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The cost of fixing the plane is just the beginning. Even if Trump could afford to get it fixed, aviation experts say the massive 757 is extremely expensive to fly. Taking the Trump jet on a trip costs roughly $15,000 to $18,000 per hour. That's one pricy flight.

The cost of repair and travel is most likely the reason Trump abandoned the plane in Newburgh. Recently he's been seen flying a much smaller corporate jet back and forth between his resort in West Palm and New York.

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