And her American Idol journey continues!

New Paltz native Laila Mach is heading to the duets round of Hollywood week on American Idol. How did she get there? Lets recap.

If you missed it on Friday, we spoke to the New Paltz high school sophomore about her initial audition in San Diego. She performed an original song called "Drive Off a Bridge" which was inspired by former Idol contestant Gabby Barret's country hit "I Hope."

The song blew up overnight on Apple Music and Spotify, plus it impressed judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan so much that they presented Laila with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

That brings us to last night's Idol episode. It was Genre Week on the Dolby Sound State and Laila brought her A-game, performing Clinton Kane's "Fix it To Break it" which Laila told us was one of her favorite songs.

Take a look at her performance:

Mach's performance got a standing ovation from all 3 judges and solidified her a spot during the "Duet" round of Hollywood Week auditions.

That means you'll get a double dose of Laila Mach. She'll be featured tonight, Monday, March 22nd episode on American Idol at 8 pm on ABC.

We're not sure who she'll be dueting with or the song she'll be performing, but we'll be cheering her on from the Hudson Valley.

Follow Laila on Instagram @LailaMOfficial and Twitter @LailaMOffcial.  Make sure to wish her luck and a Happy Birthday! Laila turns 16 today!

American Idol airs tonight at 8 pm on ABC.


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