I went to Shake Shack to the first time in my life recently.

After an evening in  New York City, I was starving (what a surprise). I originally planned to go to my favorite sushi restaurant in Manhattan, but sadly that was closed. Next plan? Chinese food at Grand Central. And much to my despair, it was also closed. The only thing that was opened in GCT? Shake Shack. Well, beggars can't be choosers.

So I stand in line like the rest of the hungry, sad souls in Grand Central until I finally make it to the counter. I order a single bacon cheeseburger (I don't even know the technical name for the burgers, don't sue me), a small fry, and a vanilla shake (black and white shakes are my favorite, but that wasn't on the menu and I wasn't about to get all fancy on them). The total? $17.59. WHAT?! This Shake Shack better rock my world for that price.

Well, it didn't. It was par at best. It was overpriced that's for sure, and I could've gotten the same fries at the Walden Frostee Freeze for a quarter of the price. The worst part? I wasn't even full from it.

So why is the Hudson Valley so obsessed with Shake Shack? The only one in the area is in the Woodbury Commons and that place is always mobbed. I always hear people in the area saying how they have to get it when they visit the city. But why? You can get better food for less at Five Guys. I don't get the hype.

Shack Shake is WACK...there, I said it!

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