It's not a myth-gasoline in the summer is more expensive than other seasons, but why?

What crappy timing that as soon as people get ready to go on long, summer road trips, that gas prices go up. Well, it actually has nothing to do with consumer habits. According to How Stuff Works, the gas made in the summer is actually different than the gas made in other seasons.

The article states that twice a year in the United States, the gasoline supply has a seasonal gas transition. This is part of the Reformulated Gasoline Program (RGP) created by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1990. The purpose of the program was to reduce smog and pollution from gas emissions. As a result of the program, gasoline made for the summer uses different oxygenates, which according to the article, burn cleaner.

But why is the gas more expensive in the summer? Well, because the different oxygenates used are more expensive than winter oxygenates. Also, it's more expensive because the refineries have to shut down before they begin producing the summer blends.

Carpooling is looking better every day.

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