I don't like to admit this, but for the past two weeks I've wasted numerous hours watching Youtube videos. Not just any videos, but a live stream of a Giraffe named April who is allegedly going to give birth "any minute now."

I know there are a lot of you out there who feel my frustration when it comes to April the giraffe. A few weeks ago Animal Adventure Park in Harpersville New York announced that one of their giraffes was ready to give birthday at any minute, so they started a live stream on Youtube.

People have been hooked ever since. You can watch April and her baby daddy Oliver 24/7. As I've said, it's been weeks and still no baby giraffe.

So while we wait for the not so little (the young giraffe will come out standing around 6 feet tall and 150lbs) guy or girl, here is a fun fact for you. April was born at none other than the famous Catskill Game Farm 15 years ago, according to an article from USA Today. April lived at the Catskill Game Farm until 2006 when it closed.

From there she went to another game farm until Animal Adventure Park welcomed her in 2013. April was introduced to Oliver in hopes that they would mate and bring another giraffe to the park. And what do you know, they got along swimmingly.

So here's to April and Oliver and their calf who I really hope is born soon...I can't be spending all my time on youtube.

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