Everyone--well, at least Facebook users--can rest a bit easier today.


Over the weekend I saw a few of my Facebook friends posting about a weird message they received on messenger. The message was along the lines of a warning stating not to accept a friend request from a "Jayden K . Smith" because he or she will hack your Facebook account.

According to several sources including Hoax-Slayer, Thatsnonsense.com and KUTV have confirmed that the threat of Jayden K Smith is nothing to worry about.

Hoax-Slayer, which I'm learning is a popular site to confirm or debunk social media hoaxes, states that even the best hackers will not be able to get your information just by adding you on Facebook. They say, "even the most clever hacker will not be able to take control of your computer just by being added to your Facebook friends list. For a hacking attempt to work, some sort of file transfer or exchange of information must take place or the victim must take some sort of action such as installing malware."

In the future, if you do receive a Facebook request from someone you don't personally know, your best bet is to ignore the request.

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