This week you may have heard a news story about a website looking for a Professional Hot Dog Taster. Pretty much here's the gist. You would go to different Major League Ballparks, sample their hot dogs and then review them on social media.

First of, HOW COOL IS THAT? You get to go to a baseball game and eat hot dogs and get paid for it? Where do I sign up? The overall pay isn't great, $500, but the getting to try the hot dogs is pretty awesome, right? So, yes, the downside is that it is pretty much a one time gig. According to the contest/job rules, you will have "localized food and travel budget" and then be paid $500 to eat and review the Hot Dogs. Um, don't New York Yankee and New York Mets fans do this every summer and pay to do it?

So, how would we fair at the 'local' ball parks? According to Statista, the cost of a hot dog at Yankee Stadium was $3 and the cost at Citi Field is $6.75. Now, I am guessing that those are the prices for the "regular" hot dog, not a specialty dog.

According to, CitiField has something called "The Shake Shack Dog" which is a flat-top dog. That refers to the fact that it has been cut in half the long way and then cooked on a scorching hot flat top grill until it is crisp. Your choices of meat are, "a Vienna all-beef or chicken, apple, and sage sausage dog that's split and griddled until crispy on the outside."

The same article has some insight into the hot dog you would get at Yankee Stadium, a more traditional Nathans Style Hot Dog, on a steamed bun. This could be as seen as being as classic as the 'interlocking N-Y on the teams jerseys." For me, I would top that bad boy with mustard, relish and kraut.

But what awesome places can you get hot dogs here in the Hudson Valley? Let's find those and then review them ourselves? Here are just a couple places, of what I am sure has got to be a few dozen places here in the area:

  • Dallas Hot Wieners, Many locations, Kingston, Saugerties
  • Empanada Nirvana, Route 9 W, Middlehope/Marlboro
  • Carol's Hot Dogs, St Andrews Road, Hyde Park,
  • Stewarts Shops, locations throughout the Hudson Valley
  • Noshi's Coney Island, Main St Poughkeepsie
  • Pet's Hot Dog Stand, Newburgh
  • Holy Dog, Main St, Middletown
  • Renegades Stadium, Fishkill when the 'Gades are playing

So hot dog fans, where's your favorite place to go? Let's discuss, maybe we can share hot dog recipes and insights. Maybe even start our own secret HVHD group?

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