The last year you have had to "Adult" more than ever before. Not just to keep yourself 'safe' but those around you as well. How about you get to take a few days of a "time-out" and head to an Adults Only Summer Sleep Away Camp?

I have only heard the name of it and I want to go! This is a real thing! The organization(?) or business that hosts these events is called Camp No Counselors and there are two New York camps and one that is in Los Angeles.

Looking at their website, I can see that the early-bird tickets for both of the New York sessions have already sold out. It does look like there are regular bookings available. What would you or could you possibly do at an Adult Sleep Away Camp? Well, yes you could probably do that. Get your mind out of the gutter. But something also tells me that for a few days you might just be able to get outdoors, meet a few people, not have to worry about cooking your own meals and, like a kid, you can choose if you want to clean up your room, make your bed or even take a shower.

Will there be group activities? Sure. That's what camp is all about, right? So where can we put this camp? Should we rent out one of the local college dorms? Should we look at one of the summer park areas that are already in use (or about to be in use) for kids in our area? Should we create our own?

Wait. I just had a thought. Instead of joining in with a few dozen people in an experience that might relive one's college days, how about renting a hotel room? Telling your kids that you are heading to camp and then relax and unwind in a local stay-cation? Then, you can make this particular Adult Sleep Away Camp at any location of your choosing throughout the Hudson Valley? What do you think? Best idea, ever?

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