It seems like they are everywhere!

This time of year in the Hudson Valley can be dangerous if you enjoy spending time outdoors with so many ticks everywhere we go. I live in Poughquag and a few weeks ago I had my kids and our dog Dallas and we went on a walk and when we got home we found like 13 ticks on the dog after only like a 15 minute walk. Thank goodness we found them all before they could hurt our pup.

We got talking this morning about that guy in Kentucky who went to the eye doctor because of problem with one of his eyes and after the optometrist looked at his eye he realized that the guy had a tick in his EYE! The man, Chris Prater told the Washington Post that the tick made “a little popping sound” as it came out. OMG!

We had some rather interesting locations that you guys have found ticks across the Hudson Valley including a text that read "Don’t want to put in too many details for obvious reasons; but I once had to pull a tick off my significant other’s “lady bits”.

Another came if from Frankie in Liberty that said, "Me and a buddy were camping and he goes to the bathrooms and all I hear was ahhh I have a tick on my d*** lol".

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