Why the heck does it smell like sugary paradise near the bridge over 376?

We've got to address something that I've been experiencing on the Rail Trail for a few weeks now.

Ever since the pandemic hit New York and shut down gyms in the Hudson Valley many residents in the area have started running outside for exercise. Before gyms were shutdown I chose to run in the gym on the treadmill but lately I have been going to the Dutchess County Rail Trail.

I usually hop on near Daddy O's in Hopewell Junction. After about two miles in there is a bridge that crosses over Rte. 376. Just as you approach the bridge you are hit with a heavenly aroma that smells like sugar cookies or roasted almonds.

Why is this? Is there some sort of company back there making and packaging desserts?

The only thing that I can see in the lot nearby is a mechanic shop.

Does anyone have any details?

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