A woman has been accused of murder by stabbing a female victim twice in the face and six times in her body.

Alicia Harris was discovered in a Poughkeepsie apartment after allegedly murdering Latasha Webster, a 37-year-old, in Brooklyn. The Daily News reports that police have evidence they believe shows the murder taking place. Surveillance footage allegedly shows the suspect arguing with a man in Brooklyn just after 3am on July 28. In the video, Webster is shown stepping in to intervene. That's when authorities say Harris pulled out a knife and murdered Webster by stabbing her repeatedly.

The Brooklyn Paper says that Webster was stabbed near a deli and then stumbled away, fleeing from the suspect to a nearby hotel. The victim then collapsed "in a pool of blood." After onlookers called 911, Webster was brought to Kings County Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

After being picked up in Poughkeepsie, Webster was brought to Brooklyn Criminal Court where she was arraigned and thrown into jail without bail. The suspect has prior arrests for robbery, aggravated harassment and unauthorized use of a vehicle. Webster was also previously sentenced to two years in prison for possession of a loaded weapon.

It's unclear what the motive is behind the alleged murder or if the two women knew each other before the incident.

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