You might have noticed that it's cold outside. Like, really cold. Coldest New Year's In Like 50 Years kind of cold. And when it gets that cold outside, that can be rough on your car. I had to deal with two cars this weekend that just wouldn't start, and I bet I'm not the only one.

So it got me looking at ways to keep my car running over the next few cold weeks. has a great, easy read on some ways to keep your car running. Some of those ways include:

- Prevent the problem in the first place. Keep your car warm, use the correct oil, and avoid fuel issues with your car.

- Make sure all electrical accessories in the car are turned off when you start it - all the power needs to be heading to the battery.

- Warm the battery if you can. This actually involves removing it from the car for a while, so that's just for people who know how to do it. Clean off any corrosion on the battery, too.

- If your car dies, get a jump. You should always have jumper cables in your car anyway, have a friend come by and help you out. Sometimes that's all it takes, and your car will be back to normal after you've driven it around for a bit.

Be safe out there, and also, be warm. Because it is too damn cold.

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