Here are more details about what metrics the Mid-Hudson region must hit before a phased reopening is allowed to start.

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Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced regions can start to reopen after a number of CDC guidelines are met on Friday.

The plan to reopen New York state regionally and in phases splits the state up into 10 regions. Each region must meet seven metrics before being allowed to start a phased reopening process.

Cuomo said on Monday the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier and Mohawk Valley regions have met all seven metrics. The Hudson Valley meets five of the seven metrics.

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Each region must meet the following seven metrics:

    • 14 Day Decline in Total Hospitalizations
    • 14 Day Decline in Hospital Deaths
    • New Hospitalizations Under 2 per 100,000 Residents
    • Hospital Bed Capacity of 30% Available
    • ICU Bed Capacity of 30% Available
    • Diagnostic Testing Capacity
    • Contact Tracing Capacity

The Hudson Valley currently doesn't meet the new hospitalizations and 14-day decline in hospital deaths, according to the New York State Regional Monitoring Dashboard.

Before reopening, the Mid-Hudson region must experience a sustained decline in the three-day rolling average of daily hospital deaths over the course of a 14-day period, according to the metrics to guide reopening New York.

The new hospitalizations metric the Mid-Hudson region isn't hitting involves new hospitalizations rate under two per 100,000 residents, measured on a three-day rolling average

"This is because it’s possible for a region that has seen a high level of infections – for example, New York City – to see a sustained decline in hospitalizations and deaths over a 14-day period, while still having an underlying infection rate that is too high to allow for a safe phased re-opening," Metrics to Guide Reopening New York states.

The Mid-Hudson Valley currently has a 2.79 rating.

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