It's a nightmare that nobody wants to deal with and a family in Hyde Park are trying to get the word out so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

We talked to Jess Velez, who lives in the town of Hyde Park about the scary situation that happened right outside of her family's back door on Tuesday evening, a situation that took the life of one of their family dogs.

Jess told us that between 6:30 and 7 P.M. Tuesday evening one of her families three dogs that were outside of their house off of Haviland RD, was attacked by something.

She said that her son came home to find one of their dogs "pretty chewed up" and that there was "blood everywhere just outside the dog door at the house" and once she raced home she knew they had to take the 80 pound "Chow" dog "Teddy" immediately to an emergency room veterinarian.

The on call vet told her that it seems that the dog was attacked by something, most likely a coyote. Jess told us that they have coyotes around their house all the time as they hear them often.

The injuries that the dog sustained from the attack were so severe that unfortunately "Teddy" had to be put down. She went on to tell us that "Teddy" was a geriatric dog that her family rescued 2 years ago from the DCSPCA.

Jess wanted to spread the word of what happened due to the fact the their dog was on the large size and this could have just as easily been a child that was attacked.

She said, "Please keep an eye out for your pets and children when outside, especially after dark."

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