What is RDay? I was asking myself that all day yesterday when I saw that it was trending on Twitter.

Then I clicked on it and figured it meant "recruit day." The videos that followed the R-Day hashtag all involved the new cadets getting ready for their four year stay at West Point Military Academy.

After a bit of research with thanks to the Army Times, I learned that R-Day is "reception day." Reception Day 2018 welcomed over 1,200 new cadets to the Military Academy and had them fitted for military clothing and of course new hair cuts.

Intense is an understatement.

Reception Day prepares cadets for Cadet Basic Training which lasts six week. After the six week training is over, the cadets will be formally accepted to West Point. On August 18 those who make it through training will take part in The Acceptance Day Parade.

Welcome to West Point, Class of 2022! Beat Navy!



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