Were you born at Vasser Brothers Hospital? If you were, did you or your family receive a membership to the Mother's Club?

Unfortunately, I wasn't born in the Poughkeepsie area but I did grow up here. So while I was scrolling through the "If You Grew Up in Poughkeepsie, NY" Facebook group, a group of photos caught my eye.

They were photos of certificates, coupons, and a wooden nickel for something called the Mothers Club at Vassar Brother's Hospital. Sounds like some sort of Gerber Baby-like contest right?

George Herrmann
George Herrmann

George Herrmann, who shared the photo above in the Facebook group, wrote:

Does any one know is there still a Mothers Club ,, I think this goes back to 1972 , If you where born in Poughkeepsie ..found amoung some papers of my Wife when my Son was Born.
He later shared photos of a wooden nickel and a gift card for Dairylea adding "These company's are the best and were gift offers for the Mothers Club of Vassar Hospital time, Along with a free Photo gift card, -- Good People back then."
George Herrmann
George Herrmann

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't born in Poughkeepsie. Was Dairylea a store in Poughkeepsie/Hyde Park or was it a restaurant? From what I gather after a quick Google search, there was a Dairylea farm in the Dutchess County area.

Are you a lifelong resident of Poughkeepsie? Were you or your family members a part of Mother's Club? If so, do you remember anything you got from them? Were there any perks? We'd love to hear your Mother's Club memories. Send a text through the station app!

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