I thought I had seen it all. This thing might look like something that fell off of your plate at an Italian restaurant but it's not. It's alive and it is weirding a lot of people out. Here's what we know.

What the heck are they and what do they want? No, it's not an alien.

It might look like angel hair pasta from another universe but this species of worm is native to the Hudson Valley so don't be surprised if you see more of them.

One Hudson Valley resident from Verbank, New York found this worm in his driveway at about 8 PM this week and was extremely confused as most people would be. He actually first mistook it as a baby snake because of it's size.

Have you ever seen a worm like this before? Some people have. Keep reading if you want to know what it is.


Thankfully, he decided to ask the experts on Facebook. Most people thought it was a tapeworm and others had never seen anything like this bizarre worm in their lifetime. Some may have even dismissed it as a joke (It does look a lot like pasta).

A couple of people had actually seen this before in the Hudson Valley and they even knew what it was.


It turns out that it is a parasitic worm named Nematomorpha. It's commonly referred to as a horsehair worm or a hair snake.

The average size of these worms are about 4 inches but in extreme cases they can reach up to 2 meters!

According to Wikipedia, they can be found near damp areas like rivers and even pools. Baby horsehair worms will be found on an insect host. Adult worms are free roaming like the one in the picture.

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