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You've got to see it to believe it. Several videos are going viral of an ice resurfacer still driving while on fire at an ice rink here in New York.

There are a lot of hazards to watch out for at a youth hockey game. Sometimes you have to look out for runaway slap shots, swinging sticks and the occasional tooth that flies in the crowd after a fist fight. Sometimes the parents even start fighting themselves. If that wasn't enough to be worry about the last thing that anyone would think they would ever need to look out for is a blazing Zamboni cruising down the ice but here we are.

I learned two things recently. I learned that a Zamboni is flammable and that it's apparently not called a Zamboni. I guess that's a specific brand name. My mind is blown but that's neither here nor there.

The machine in the incident was later discovered to be an Olympia.

Several videos were captured of after an ice resurfacer suddenly burst into flames.

According to Global News, the incident took place before a youth hockey game at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex near Rochester. The machine was leaking a red fluid which is believed to by hydraulic fluid.

Several people appeared to be at the rink but no one was reported to be injured. I've always wanted to drive one of these things. My dream may have to wait a little bit.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Here’s the video version. pic.twitter.com/u5zRFNIkvd

— Russ Bitely (@russbites) October 15, 2020

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