Has another Hudson Valley business closed its doors?

Sadly, it's all too common nowadays that small local businesses are closing their doors. The last 2 years through the COVID-19 pandemic have been tough on local businesses.

In March of 2021, the first Farm Stores Drive-Thru location opened up in Wappingers Falls. Just off route 9, shoppers could pull up to the bakery, cafe, and grocery store and order with a member of the Farm Stores staff.

When the Farm Stores first opened, there were just starting to introduce their app which made a huge difference in ordering from the drive-thru only store. With COVID-19 and worries about shopping in grocery stores, many locals took advantage of the no contact shopping at the Wappingers Falls Farm Stores.

Farm Store Wappingers Falls, Facebook
Farm Store Wappingers Falls, Facebook

The unique drive-thru idea might have taken a little getting used to, but week after week Hudson Valley residents lined up, in their cars, to get their groceries.

With that being said, it looks like the Farm Store is no more. Driving by the  repurposed shipping container, we noticed a sign that reads "For Lease." Their Facebook page makes no mention of the location being closed, however we drove by during their hours of operation (around 1 pm on a Wednesday afternoon) and the Farm Stores seemed to be boarded up.

One customer told us:

I went last week and sat there for 10 minutes. Light were on and hot dogs were rotating but no one ever came out.

We have reached out to Farm Store Wappingers for more information about the status of the Wappingers Farm Stores location and will update you when we hear back.

As of January 12th, 2022 the Wappingers location is not mentioned on the official Farm Stores app.

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