Many Walmart employees may soon see a nice salary bump. Some may see as much as $30 an hour.

Even during the early stages o the pandemic there was one store where everyone seemed to flock to when it all started to hit the fan. Many Hudson Valley residents swarmed local Walmart shopping centers to quickly stock up on essential items.

We learned months ago that during a time of crisis, essential items are sold by essential employees. Though many businesses are looking to make cuts, Walmart is looking to pay some of their employees more. People who work in retail stores that serve food and essential supplies have some real job security. Not only fo they have security thy also are much more appreciated and large businesses are deciding to show their appreciation mentearily.

According to Fast Company, it was announced a few days ago that Walmart would be increasing the salaries of over 165,000 employees. Some employees will see a raise from $11 to $15 per hour while others may see a significantly larger increase of about $30. Fast company also reports that the roles who will see the the biggest increase are leadership roles. The money is to reflect higher skilled jobs.

The pay increase is set to take place in October.


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