Do you remember The Catskill Game Farm? Talk about THROWBACK! Would you believe it if I told you that it was open from 1933 to 2006? My family and I were so sad when it closed. I have tons of pictures from there and even videos on VHS! (I promise I’m not THAT old). My grandparents brought my parents when they were children and they continued the tradition by taking my sister and I. It's crazy that I remember the deer, elephants, giraffes and rhinos plus so many more (OVER 2,000 animals)! The Catskill Game Farm was the first zoo that was privately owned in the United States! Today, there are about 150 acres with 130 buildings along with 3.5 miles of pathways.

Can we please thank the amazing couple who brought back a piece of our childhood, everyone’s childhood, actually!!

Wait so you know April, right? April the Giraffe, of course! She's originally from The Catskill Game Farm when she was born in  2002 ! I visited her at her new home but how cool that she was born on these nostalgic grounds.

They request donations in order to go through the abandoned zoo which was recreated and renamed into The Old Game Farm. Typically, the donation amount is around $20-$100. All of the donations go towards making it possible for guests to go on the self guided tours, portable restrooms and to continue to maintain the property. It takes about $75,000  a year in upkeep such as maintenance for the grounds.

HEADS UP! They accept any old souvenirs, which is neat because you could donate something that would end up in the Museum or Inn. I think ill bring them a picture or two :) The website has old photos too, maybe they could add more to it, the more the merrier!

After signing up online, the Old Game Farm will send you a map of the property which they recommend printing the map before arriving.

Also, they don’t allow large backpacks so plan accordingly. My sister is going to get a kick out of this considering she always makes fun of me for wearing a backpack, I guess I cant that day!

More exciting news for our furry friends, you can bring your dog! However, they have a dog there themselves and he is usually loose on the property along with cats so keep that in mind! Keep your pups leashed at all times.

You can also have special events on the property as well. If you would like to stay the night, no problem, since the Giraffe barn was turned into a really cool b&b.They have The Long Neck Inn which is set up as different animal rooms and get this, some are pet friendly! If glamping is more your speed, you're in luck because that's on the grounds as well.

So when will you check it out? Keep in mind that all visits have to be scheduled in advance considering you have to have permission to be the property!

Upcoming dates to sign up for :

Saturday June 29th

Saturday July 27th

Sunday September 1st (Labor Day Weekend)

Sunday October 6th

Saturday November 2nd

Now you know why I'm excited to go back! I'm so glad that my sister made reservations with my family go visit again! Time for a walk down memory lane, who's joining?

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